Hon. Jennifer Muheesi, along with esteemed colleagues, has been entrusted with a vital responsibility as a member of the Committee of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Uganda. In this capacity, Hon. Muheesi embodies a dedication to advancing Uganda’s interests and strengthening its diplomatic ties worldwide.

The role of the Committee of Foreign Affairs is pivotal in shaping Uganda’s engagement with the international community. It is tasked with overseeing Uganda’s foreign policy, representing the nation’s interests abroad, and fostering diplomatic relationships with other countries. Through strategic diplomacy and effective advocacy, Hon. Muheesi and her fellow committee members work tirelessly to elevate Uganda’s stature on the global stage.

Hon. Muheesi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role on the Committee of Foreign Affairs. With a deep understanding of global dynamics and a commitment to Uganda’s development, she champions policies that promote economic growth, foster regional stability, and enhance Uganda’s position in international forums.

In today’s interconnected world, effective diplomacy is more crucial than ever. Hon. Muheesi recognizes the significance of building partnerships and alliances to address common challenges and seize opportunities for mutual benefit. Whether advocating for trade agreements, participating in diplomatic negotiations, or representing Uganda’s interests in multilateral organizations, she remains steadfast in her commitment to advancing Uganda’s agenda on the world stage.

Beyond formal diplomacy, Hon. Muheesi is also a strong advocate for people-to-people exchanges and cultural diplomacy. She understands the importance of building bridges between nations through cultural understanding and dialogue. By promoting cultural exchange programs, facilitating educational opportunities, and encouraging tourism, she seeks to deepen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Uganda and other nations.

Hon. Jennifer Muheesi’s leadership on the Committee of Foreign Affairs reflects her unwavering dedication to serving the people of Uganda and promoting the nation’s interests globally. With her vision, expertise, and diplomatic acumen, she continues to make invaluable contributions to Uganda’s role in the international community. As Uganda navigates the complexities of a rapidly changing world, Hon. Muheesi stands as a steadfast advocate for Uganda’s interests and a beacon of leadership in foreign affairs.

Committee on Foreign Affairs

Term: 11th Parliament (May 2021 – May 2026)

Chairperson: Hon. Norah Bigirwa Nyendwoha
Deputy Chairperson: Hon. Boaz Katsirabo Ninsiima

Hon. Achan Judith PeaceDWR NwoyaNRM
Hon. Hashim SulaimanNebbi MunicipalityNRM
Hon. Kayogera YonaBusiki North CountyNRM
Hon. Okot BonifaceYouth Rep. NorthNRM
Hon. Mutebi Noah WanzalaNakasongola CountyNRM
Hon. Mutono Patrick LodoiButebo CountyNRM
Hon. Kisa Stephen BLuuka South CountyNRM
Hon. Maneno ZumuraDWR ObongiNRM
Hon. Katoto MohammedKaterera CountyNRM
Hon. Muheesi Jennifer AbaahoDWR KaazoNRM
Hon. Isamat AbrahamKapir CountyNRM
Hon. Opolot FredPingire CountyNRM
Hon. Kinshaba Patience NkundaDWR KanunguNRM
Hon. Kwizera EddieBukimbiri CountyNRM
Hon. Akampurira ProssyDWR RubandaNRM
Hon. Nkunyingi MuwadaKyadondo EastNUP
Hon. Ssewanyana AllanMakindye WestNUP
Hon. Sserubula StephenLugazi MunicipalityNUP
Hon. Okin P.P OjaraChua West CountyFDC
Hon. Akello LucyAmuru CountyFDC
Hon. Lumu Richard KizitoMityana SouthDP
Hon. Gen. Wilson Mbasu MbadiUPDF%party%
Hon. Okae BobKwania NorthUPC
Hon. Atugonza AllanBuliisa CountyIndependent
Hon. Ocen PeterKole County SouthIndependent
Hon. Obong Vincent ShedrickLira West DivisionIndependent
Hon. Komakech ChristopherAruu CountyIndependent
Hon. Twesigye Nathan ItungoKashari South CountyIndependent

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