The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rt Rev Dr Stephen Kazimba Mugalu, recently urged the community of Kazo district to prioritize the enhancement of their cathedral to facilitate the organization of a diocese.

During his inaugural pastoral visit to North Ankole Diocese, Archbishop Kazimba emphasized the significance of beautifying the existing cathedral as a crucial step towards establishing a structured diocese. He underscored the need for community efforts in this endeavor, highlighting the importance of saving lives and fostering development amidst the current ban on new diocese creation.

Hon. Jennifer Muheesi, alongside other political and religious leaders, participated in welcoming Archbishop Kazimba to Kazo district. The presence and support of leaders like Hon. Muheesi signify the shared commitment to the church’s growth and community development.

Additionally, Archbishop Kazimba commended the initiatives undertaken by North Ankole Diocese, particularly the establishment of the Kanoni Bible Study College, aimed at equipping individuals with the teachings of the faith.

The visit also saw Archbishop Kazimba engaging with educational institutions and community leaders, further reinforcing the collaborative efforts towards spiritual and socio-economic progress in Kazo district.

Hon. Jennifer Muheesi’s involvement underscores the importance of community engagement and leadership in advancing the goals of the Church and fostering development within Kazo district.

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