Today marks a significant milestone in the fight against Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) as Hon. Jennifer Muheesi, the esteemed Woman Member of Parliament for Kazo District, spearheaded the launch of FMD vaccination efforts in Entebbe. Joined by fellow MPs, government officials, and stakeholders, the event showcased a collective determination to combat this debilitating livestock disease.

Under Hon. Muheesi’s leadership, Kazo District has received 50,000 doses of the FMD vaccine, a crucial step towards safeguarding the livelihoods of farmers and protecting the region’s agricultural industry. What’s more, the government’s decision to cover the entire cost of administering the vaccine underscores its commitment to supporting rural communities.

At the launch ceremony, Hon. Muheesi stood alongside distinguished figures including Minister Frank Tumwebaze, Minister Bright Rwamirama, and Brig Gen Kasura Kyomukama, reaffirming Kazo District’s unwavering dedication to combating FMD. Also present were Hon. Kajwengye of Nyabushozi and Hon. Jovanice Rwenduru, emphasizing the collaborative efforts across districts to tackle this pressing issue.

Hon. Jennifer Muheesi’s presence and active participation highlight her dedication to serving the people of Kazo District. As a representative of her constituents, she has consistently prioritized their interests, particularly in matters concerning agriculture and livestock welfare. Her proactive stance in the fight against FMD exemplifies her commitment to ensuring the prosperity and well-being of Kazo’s residents.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Hon. Jennifer Muheesi for her tireless advocacy and leadership in addressing the challenges posed by FMD. Her exemplary efforts serve as a beacon of hope for communities affected by this disease. Together, with Hon. Muheesi at the forefront, we stand united in our resolve to overcome FMD and build a thriving agricultural sector in Kazo District.

Together, we can fight FMD!

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