Dear Residents of Kazo,

It is with a heavy heart that I extend my deepest condolences to the people of Kazo, particularly to the family and friends of the late Retired John Kategaya. His passing has left a void in our community that will be deeply felt by all who knew him.

Retired John Kategaya was not just a resident of Ntambazi, Kazo District; he was an esteemed member of our community, someone who contributed to the fabric of our society in numerous ways. His dedication, kindness, and unwavering commitment to the betterment of Kazo will always be remembered.

In this time of sorrow, may we find solace in the cherished memories we shared with Retired John Kategaya. Let us honor his legacy by continuing to uphold the values he held dear and by supporting one another during this difficult period.

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you as you mourn the loss of a beloved member of our community. May you find comfort and strength in the love and support of those around you.

With heartfelt sympathy,

Hon. Jennifer Muheesi
Woman MP – Kazo District.


  1. Samson

    May 6, 2024

    RIP John 🙏

  2. Baguma

    May 6, 2024


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