Uganda’s Agriculture Minister, the Honorable Frank Tumwebaze, has underscored the importance of transparency and honesty in the vaccination efforts against Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). The disease, which poses a significant threat to cloven-hoofed animals, demands diligent and authentic measures for effective containment.

During a significant event at the National Animal Disease Diagnostic and Epidemiology Centre (NADDEC), Entebbe, Hon. Tumwebaze distributed 500,000 doses of FMD vaccine to District Veterinary Officers (DVOs). Standing alongside Honorable Jennifer Muheesi and other distinguished guests, he emphasized the critical role of genuine efforts in combating the outbreak.

Imported from Kenya, these vaccines are part of a larger consignment totaling 2.4 million doses, signifying Uganda’s proactive stance against the spread of FMD.

Hon. Tumwebaze urged DVOs to prioritize vaccination in affected sub-counties, ensuring strict adherence to quarantine measures and safeguarding against any forms of corruption. Additionally, plans are underway to secure further vaccine doses, aligning with the scale of the FMD challenge.

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, various districts along Uganda’s cattle corridor have imposed bans on livestock sale and movement to contain the outbreak, which has notably impacted regions including Rakai, Sembabule, and Mbarara.


In an insightful intervention, Honorable Stephen Kangwagye emphasized the necessity of border monitoring, particularly along the Uganda-Tanzania border, to prevent cross-border transmission.

As Uganda confronts this agricultural challenge, the commitment of leaders like Hon. Jennifer Muheesi remains pivotal in steering the nation towards effective disease management and safeguarding its livestock industry.

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