We are delighted to share that the Uganda Consulate had the esteemed privilege of hosting the Delegation of the Honorable Members of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda on the Foreign Affairs Committee. Led by the esteemed Jovanice Rwenduru, Woman Member of Parliament for Kiruhura District, the delegation graced our premises with their presence. Accompanying them was our own distinguished representative, Honorable Jennifer Muheesi, Woman MP of Kazo District.

Post by Uganda Consulate Arusha

The occasion marked a significant moment of collaboration and dialogue between the legislative body and our consulate. It provided an invaluable opportunity to discuss matters of mutual interest, ranging from foreign policy initiatives to bilateral relations and diplomatic efforts aimed at advancing Uganda’s interests on the global stage.

As a platform for fostering strong ties between Uganda and the international community, the consulate takes immense pride in facilitating such interactions. The visit of the Honorable Members of Parliament underscores the importance of engagement and cooperation in addressing shared challenges and pursuing common objectives.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Honorable Jovanice Rwenduru and the entire delegation for gracing us with their presence. Special thanks are also due to Honorable Jennifer Muheesi for her unwavering commitment to representing the interests of Kazo District and promoting Uganda’s standing in the world.

Stay tuned for more updates on our continued efforts to strengthen Uganda’s diplomatic relations and enhance its global influence.

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